1. When will be the test conducted?
Every Saturday and Sunday
2. How many students in a batch?
20 students only
3. What If lectures are missed?
They are repeated during revision lectures.
4. How many day's lectures will be conducted.
Generally 5 day a week or at depend on subjects taken.
5. What will be the duration of a lecture?
One and a half hour
6. What is the mode of payment for fees?
Only by cheque within a week of admission.
7. What is the qualification of teachers.
8. When is Hitesh sir available to meet.
Saturday & Sunday 10-12.
9. If any installment available & is fees refundable
10. Can test be given at home.
11. Can test marks and attendance of any student be seen.
Yes,by prior intimation to the staff.
12. Homework is monitored or no?
A separate staff is appointed to check homework.
13. Any help for weaker students.
A separate staff will handle the weaker students via extra leactures.
14. If a student does not attend lecture or give test.
Parents will be informed regarding the same immediately.
15. Any extra activities conducted.
Yes, Guest Lecture , Seminar , Field Trips, Industrial Visits are conducted.