Vision and Mission

’Preparing the youth for a better tomorrow’
Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.” We live in a fast paced existence.Technology is bringing rapid changes in the way we work, earn, shop, interact, think and believe. The knowledge imparted in schools and colleges is getting outdated faster than it used to be earlier. The conditions in which a young boy/her is learning today are very much different than what he/she or she would work into after his graduation or masters. Therefore keeping pace with constantly changing world is the most essential life skill required.


We at Hitesh Sir’s Private Tuition and Test Series, prepare our children to bear with the unpredictability of future and respond quickly to the newer expectations


We are committed to Educating the youth for academic excellence, developing vocational aptitude and balanced personality
Education is a recognized as one among the new revolutions that will change the face of this millennium. Empowerment of an individual through education is at the core of the foundation of HSPT & TS. Though education is much broader than degrees and certificates, one can not deny the importance of these papers in one’s professional life. We help our students not only pass the exams but also coach them to excel at exams.
Through our various courses and exposure to the industry experts as visiting and guest faculties, we nurture the aptitude for processional excellence
Human being is a social animal. He/she does not usually remain happy without other humans around him/her. One needs to have a balanced personality in order to be able to adjust with others in society and contribute positively towards collective progress of the society


Pillars of strength

Individual Attention

No human being is exactly same as any other in the world. Students have different learning styles and study habits. Each student is unique and special. In a class of 100 to 120 students, some students are not able to grasp what is being taught. Some times they are shy to ask their doubts in class rooms. Our batch sizes are restricted by limited seats in each class room. Our teachers are friendly and empathetic to each students and ensure that each one is treated differently as per their own need.

Adherence to Values

Indian culture and human values form the core of our policies and practices. We inculcate the spirit of self discipline and ethical behavior among all our students through various curricular and co-curricular activities.

Using technology to enhance productivity

In technological driven world knowledge and subject expertise is not enough for success. To keep pace with rapidly changing technology; to be able to use newer, faster and cheaper tools to improve human efficiency is very crucial. We not only show them the ways and means to better productivity but also demonstrate the same within working style on day to day basis

We keep challenging our own teachers, students and admin staff to keep bringing newer ideas. The habit of keeping an eye on ‘whats new around’ is a habit we consciously inculcate in all’ associated with us resulting into a dynamic and progressive attitude and work culture

Emotional Balance

We understand our students with all their limitations. Our approach to each student is non judgmental and empathetic. Our friendly team of teachers walk more than half to meet the emotional requirement of each child. They keep a good check on their daily attendance and progress in tests and also keep the parents informed. Our expert and professional team of teachers counsel the students on their personal turmoils and help them to overcome personal emotional problems or guide them to a suitable expert or family member.
Vibrant Atmosphere

Our class rooms are smaller and air conditioned, comfortable and well equipped. Our community service projects, festival celebrations, picnics and sports are the highlights in students experience with us.